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Thanks for visiting the online home of Mimi and Moto, a pair of motorcycle monkeys we created to help parents and grandparents share their passion for riding motorcycles with their children and grandchildren.

Designed for children ages 1 and up, we were inspired when our infant daughter began looking through and identifying motorcycles in the American Motorcyclist, the American Motorcycle Association’s monthly magazine we receive.

Unable to find an age appropriate, motorcycle-themed book we liked, we decided to create one based on a pair of monkeys devoted to building a fun and inspiring children’s motorcycle world.

“The Adventures of Mimi and Moto: The Motorcycle Monkeys” is now available digitally here on the website; the hardcover book is available on Amazon.

The lessons to be shared with your children and grandchildren through Mimi and Moto are that motorcycles are fun, safety is always first, boys and girls ride, and there are many different kinds of motorcycles.

Our future plans include more books, downloads, gear, and other fun children’s items based on Mimi and Moto.

Your feedback is welcomed and we encourage you to visit our website regularly to watch the Mimi and Moto motorcycle world grow.

We hope that Mimi and Moto help you to inspire and create more future motorcycle riders.

Ride safe.

Nancy Gerloff and Mark Augustyn

© 2016 Little Rider Enterprises

Get the latest Mimi and Moto news, special offers, and more!
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